1.8 Once More


Project Infinite finally recieve approval to modify the technology they use for creating wormholes into other dimensions: and create one leading into their own past, with the hope of investigating the Void at a much earlier stage.

But, as always, there is a catch. And unless Novaq can act fast enough, it will be one with tragic consequences …

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Notable Events

  1. Upon returning from mission, Commander McNamara is taken into custody on the grounds of assisting the Wolverine's escape.
  2. Admiral Janeway returns to SB 24 to run her own investigation.
  3. Nishichiro and McNamara's time travel theory is given the go-ahead, and Captain Albertine leads the mission.
  4. All of McNamara's charges are drop, and Loran is relieved of command of Project Infinite.
  5. McNamara is shot in his quarters, killing him instantly.
  6. Doctor Swenson is able to revive him.
  7. There is a full investigation, Admiral Loran the prime suspect.
  8. SB 24 losses all contact with Albertine's away team. Their shuttle is caught up in a temporal rift.
  9. Commander Sloane is killed by unknown attacker, removing blame from Loran.
  10. There is a second attempt on McNamara's life, while he recovers in Medbay. Sydney kills the cloaked assailant, by snapping his neck.
  11. McNamara comes to and learns of the time travel away mission. He insists on being in main science.
  12. Admiral Loran is released. He quickly collects Inifinte data and attempts to kill McNamara, revealing his alliance with the Cardassians. Loran's attempt to kill McNamara fails, but he does manage to escape on a Cardassian cruiser.
  13. Albertine's shuttle returns safely, but the time travel caused Void to grow expontenitally.
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