1.7 Prodigal Son


A small colony within Federation space, self-sufficient and 'traditional'. A family is stunned when their son reappears after many years absence, but he is soon welcomed back with open arms. It is a time of joyous celebration. But what they don't realise is that he is from another universe, brought by accident into their own.

The crew of Project Infinite are brought in to investigate and, if necessary, return him back to where he came from …

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Notable Events

  1. Project Infinite receives word of a someone passing through another universe to their universe.
  2. Tor heads to SB24 in a stolen Remoras to find aid in clearing his name.
  3. The rogue Admiral Valdemar comes to SB24 in a stolen Holoship with a replicant of Sydney in an attempt to steal information about Project Infinite and their knowledge of the corruption within Starfleet.
  4. Captain Seth kidnapped by the replicant and interrogated, including regarding the death of Commander Natalie Spencer.
  5. Admiral Luc heads towards SB24 in pursuit of Valdemar.
  6. In an attempt to cover their escape, the replicant access' the fighter squadrons' systems, forcing several ships to collide. Among the dead are Lieutenant "Cheri" Mihart and Lieutenant "Slingshot" Smith.
  7. Tor is talked into returning, on Novaq's word.
  8. The real Sydney captures Valdemar and destroys the replicant.
  9. Admiral Loran shows his distrust for Admiral Novaq. He tells Yoshii that if he steps out of bounds of Project Infinite, she is to relieve him of command.
  10. Yoshii, Kali, McNamara, and Terek search for the "prodigal son". They come to a planet called Sidius Prime.
  11. Admiral Loran discovers that Professor Nishichiro was involved in the USS Wolverine's escape. Martawg and a security team attempt to arrest the Professor. However, Nishichiro cleverly escapes.
  12. The away team is greeted by the prodigal son. His name is Darren Lambert.
  13. The team meets his family, including his parents, Jim and Helen Lambert, and are invited to his return celebration.
  14. Yoshii obtains some of Darren's DNA and has McNamara study it back at the runabout, discovering that Darren is indeed not from their universe.
  15. The away team confronts Darren and he reveals to them that in his universe, the Valkurak Alliance won the war and destroyed his home planet. He accidently passed through an anomoly and brought him to their universe. He had no intention of returning to his universe.
  16. The away explain to Darren that if he stays, he will cause universal disorder and will destroy their universe. Sad, they force Darren back through the anomoly, which closes after his passage through.
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