1.6 World Walker


The crew are taken aback when a shuttlecraft arrives at Starbase 24. Strange enough that it has no occupants, but it is also an exact duplicate to one already in their Shuttlebay. The investigation of this leads them towards a much-guarded Starfleet compound and sets them against a foe from the Liberty's past with deadly consequences. There is only one way to ensure they all survive, but can they find it in time?

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Notable Events

  1. This episode marks the first appearance of The Progenitor in ST:TI.
  2. Evan McNamara is promoted to the rank of Commander.
  3. A unidentified shuttle approaches Starbase 24. Fighters scramble to intercept.
  4. The shuttle shuts down before fired upon.
  5. It is brought back to Starbase 24 for investigation.
  6. The shuttle has an A.I. and is shielded by an unknown alloy. However, Admiral Novaq recognizes the type of the shield design.
  7. McNamara, Sloane, and Burke disect the shuttle, and realize the exact shuttle is already in their hanger bay.
  8. McNamara deducts that Project Infinite must have sent the shuttle back through time as time travel test, or perhaps a warning.
  9. Novaq believes the shuttle alloy came from the Bishamon System.
  10. Sydney Sloane and Evan McNamara begin to flirt with each other.
  11. Novaq takes an away team to the Bishamon System, where they're met with hositlity from members of Starfleet.
  12. Project Infinite wing fighters are thrown into a dog fight with other Starfleet pilots.
  13. Ensign Winters is killed in the dog fight.
  14. Admiral Jellico orders Novaq and company to leave.
  15. Novaq refuses and Jellico fires upon away team. Jellico is quickly relieved of command by his first officer. Novaq is given a time limit to leave the sector.
  16. Sydney and Silarno lead an investigation of a base, SF tried to keep underwraps, and encounter the Progenitor.
  17. The Progenitor consumes the power and destroys the base.
  18. Novaq realizes they must go back in time to stop the Progenitor from becoming so powerful.
  19. The Progenitor destroys Starbase 24.
  20. Novaq and team flee to the Tygress system, local of a hidden base with wormhole technology.
  21. The Progenitor destroys the St. Leonard and attacks the Tygress Base.
  22. Novaq and McNamara stall for time, allowing Kali and Sloane to go back in time to change the past.
  23. Everything is righted. The Progenitor is stopped.
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