1.5 Til Death


With Professor Nishichiro's release from the brig, attention can once again be turned to the subject of the Void. However, their next destination, ^006, holds a pleasant surprise and will provide an opportunity for one of the team in particular that will prove irresistable …

Meanwhile, back in our universe Novaq finally gets to speak with Volan concerning the details of their Captain Bexley's death, the investigation into which will unravel secrets and threads of the consiracy within Starfleet.

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Notable Events

  1. Project Infinite discovers Alternate ^006.
  2. Yoshii leads an away team, consisting of McNamara, Kali, Swenson, and Elros, to the alternate.
  3. The away team discovers a Federation ship, with odd technology and markings.
  4. The away team follows the ship to a strange looking Starbase 24.
  5. They come to realize that in ^006, the Federation and the Romulans are allies, and are at war with the Klingons.
  6. Yoshii, McNamara, and Kali beam over to the starbase, and realize how distorted the alternate is.
  7. McNamara posses at ^006 McNamara and tries to obtain information on the Void.
  8. ^Nishichiro discovers the true identity of McNamara.
  9. The Void expands and everyone is forced to evacuate. McNamara and ^Nishichiro come to blows. ^Nishichiro wins, and takes the unconscious McNamara with him aboard ^USS St. Leonard.
  10. ^Storm takes Kali with him on the Haakona. Their destination is Romulus.
  11. McNamara is turned over to the authorities and is tortured as a spy.
  12. ^Nishichiro beams over to the away team's shuttle. He realizes they are not the enemy and helps with saving McNamara.
  13. McNamara comes face to face with ^Loran, and demands to speak with ^006 Novaq.
  14. ^Novaq is dispatched and McNamara tells him the truth about his origin.
  15. ^Loran disregards McNamara's statement and forces ^Novaq to leave.
  16. ^Colonel Sydney makes her presense known, planning to vanquish Starfleet of spies.
  17. The away team rescues McNamara and Loran sends his goon T'Pev in pursuit.
  18. ^Sydney's ship fires upon T'Pev's figther and kills him.
  19. ^Loran is outraged and he contacts ^Janeway for backup.
  20. Several ^Federation ships, lead by Admiral Picard's Enterprise, engage ^Sydney just before she attempts to capture the away team. This leads to a Mexican Standoff.
  21. Suddenly, Klingon Birds of Prey decloak and a battle occurs.
  22. The away team is beamed aboard a Klingon ship.
  23. Kali reunites with the away team.
  24. Yoshii and ^Sydney converse, and ^Sydney gives the away team information on the Void.
  25. The away team returns safely.
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