1.4 Divergence


Three months have passed since the crew returned from their first mission into an alternate universe, and returned with the crew of the USS Wolverine. Starfleet has decreed that none of that crew can stand charge for their crimes because they are not from our universe. A worse fate perhaps, that their search for their true home continues …

Whilst Novaq checks in on a possible ship for use, testing has continued on Starbase 24, with attempts to successfully keep any ships sent through hidden from its native inhabitants.

Meanwhile, another universe has been found that requires them to explore, one most similar to theirs, but with one major difference: the traitor Admiral Drake is hailed as the man who brought the Valkurak War to an end. The only stumbling block now is that Professor Nishichiro seems to have gone AWOL …

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Notable Events

  1. Professor Nishichiro leaves Starbase 24 so that he can gamble and drink on the Maiden Colony.
  2. Commander Yoshii leads an away team in the search of Nishichiro.
  3. Lt. Cmdr McNamara and Nishichiro discuss respectable behavior. McNamara becomes heated and feels his hero image of the Professor has been crushed.
  4. Depressed from his futile romantic pursuit of Jennifer Yoshii and Professor Nishichiro’s disrespectful behavior, Evan McNamara gets sloppy drunk at the Maiden Colony. He is consoled by Kali, which is when he shows his first bit of interest in her, by trying to kiss her.
  5. The android Sydney carries the drunk McNamara over her shoulder, exiting the bar.
  6. Yoshii shows dislike and disapproval of McNamara.
  7. Admiral Neilan Loran makes his first appearance in ST: TI.
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