1.3 A Place Called Home


The crew gather at Outpost 24 as their next step is decided - with the newly acquired help of Professor Nishichiro.

In discussion with Novaq and the temporary project leader, Captain Albertine, it is decided that they must make further investigation into one of the three alternate universes their research has uncovered so far. Their aim: to examine the Void in other universes in an attempt to find its origin.

However, in their first mission they encounter some very familiar faces on an important mission of their own. Each side has the ability to help the other once trust is established, thus laying the groundwork for an alliance that will prove vital in the months to come … the Void is not the only thing they have to fear.

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Notable Events

  1. Storm and Kali enjoy a break in the holodeck.
  2. Silarno and Burke begin to plan their wedding.
  3. Ensign David Chang makes his first appearance, dressed in 70s attire.
  4. Kali requests that fighter pilots be brought to Starbase 24, including Nia Lishek. Nia is allowed to join the project because she is a powerful telepath.
  5. Nishichiro chooses an alternate to investigate, because it has evidence of the Federation.
  6. Dr. Rena Swenson makes her first appearance on ST:TI, as chief of medical.
  7. Evan James McNamara and Sydney Mark III make their first appearance.
  8. Lt. Cmdr McNamara and Professor Nishichiro work together in Main Science for the first time.
  9. The android Sydney displays her talents with a wing fighter. McNamara later dubs her "Ace", which later turns into his petname for her, and later yet becomes her pilot call sign.
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