1.2 The Last Arrow


Now assembled, the crew of the Liberty set about the task of finding several vital individuals, whose involvement in the investigation into the void is of utmost importance.

Meanwhile, others settle into their new roles on a monitoring station "Outpost 24", from which their mission to prevent the destruction of the Universe will be launched … if the crew of the Liberty succeed in their first task as a re-united crew.

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Notable Events

  1. The entire crew now present, they split up into teams in search of Professor Nishichiro and a couple more scientists, including the famous Alastor.
  2. Commander Yoshii is not suppose to accompany the away teams due to being infected by the Cesere Virus, but Captain Seth makes an acception for his team.
  3. Matt Silarno buys an engagement ring for Angie Burke.
  4. Kali states her frustrations for not being able to visit Romulan space.
  5. In search of a well known archelogist, an unknown ship attacks Captain Seth's away team. Their runabout is forced to crashland on the planet Lakota.
  6. With the assistance of Silarno's former Romulan friend, Novaq's away team gains access to to Romulan space, in search of a well known scientist.
  7. Storm's away team fake runabout damage, as a cover while in search for Nishichiro.
  8. Storm questions some seedy characters at a bar. After a tussle, one of them bar tennants tells Storm how to find Nishichiro.
  9. The unknown attackers who assaulted Seth's team's runabout, are killed by an unknown creature, that inhabits Lakota.
  10. Novaq and his team locate Alastor, but he refuses to join the Project.
  11. In his search for the Orobas, Nishichiro becomes wrapped up with a dangerous man named Danzig, who attempts to commit suicide (hoping to kill Nishichiro also), by flying his ship into the Void.
  12. Nishichiro escapes the ship on an escape pod.
  13. Storm and his team pick up Nishichiro, even though the Professor isn't very cooperative.
  14. They take him back to the St. Leonard, meeting up with the rest of the Infinite crew.
  15. Professor Nishichiro agrees to join Project Infinite.
  16. Matt Silarno proposes to Angie Burke, and they become engaged.
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