1.10 Death By Design


Faced with the possibility of their complicity being revealed for all to see, the corrupt Admirals mount a retaliation in the extreme on the crew of Project Infinite, with far reaching consequences for many involved …

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Notable Events

  1. Rear Admiral Novaq and Captain Albertine order an immediate evaucation of SB 24, and plan an escape to Earth, with Bilstein in tow.
  2. Corrupt Admirals activate the Janus Project, which involves Autumn killing key personel of PI.
  3. Autumn stabs Captain Seth during the evacuation.
  4. Autumn stabs Commander McNamara, but Kali and Sydney prevent his death.
  5. Novaq, Martawg, and a few security officers apprehend Autumn.
  6. Novaq and company escape on Spade's ship, the Liberator.
  7. Albertine takes the USS St. Leonard holding most of the crew to the Maiden Colony.
  8. Martawg remains on SB 24 to defend it from any would-be attackers.
  9. In route to the Tygress System, the Liberator is intercepted by Loran's ship, the Dagger.
  10. The two ships battle, and Novaq and company wins the day. Sydney boards the Dagger and saves Ensigns Bedford and Tobeck.
  11. Loran is taken captive and the away team transports to the USS Redeemer, a ship hidden in the Tygress System. The Liberator is left adrift.
  12. The Redeemer opens a wormhole and transports quickly to Earth.
  13. The Black Dragons attack the Infinite crew on the Maiden Colony.
  14. Captain Hanaya Albertine is killed on the USS Saint Leonard during the attack by the Black Dragons.
  15. Ensign David Winters is killed as well, by assassian, Antos Kerr.
  16. SB 24 is struck by exploding mines, but withstands the assault.
  17. Loran is put into the brig, but all chaos breaks loose. Ordered by corrupt Admirals, Marines wage an all out offensive on Novaq and company.
  18. Loran kidnaps Admiral Jellico as a means of escape and confronts Novaq and company, telling them he has had their families killed.
  19. Loran escapes but Novaq and crew follow after him.
  20. Novaq, McNamara, and Loran have a final show down in an abandoned warhouse.
  21. McNamara kills Loran during the fight.
  22. McNamara, Kali, and Sydney take Luc's ship back SB 24 and the Maiden Colony to aid the injured crew.
  23. Admiral Drake and his allies flee, planning their next offensive for a later time.
  24. Rear Admiral Elias Novaq becomes complicit in the faking of his own death, arranged in part by Professor Nishichiro.
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