1.1 Aftermath


It is now three months since the crew of the USS Liberty returned victorious from 'Operation Medusa', a mission designed to end the war against the Valkurak Alliance. Now they, along with the rest of the Federation and its allies, face the grim task of counting the cost and tending to the damage wraught upon them all, whether their injuries be physical or mental.

The USS Liberty herself has been hauled into drydock and the crew sent on shoreleave, though with reports still to be finalised they must remain close at hand to answer any questions regarding the events of the past four years …

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Notable Events

  1. Rear Admiral Novaq has a dream involving a female silhouette, thought to be Iris.
  2. Disturbed by the Valkurak War casualities, Novaq goes to see Father Clarke, a Starfleet Chaplain.
  3. Angie Burke, Matt Silarno, and Kali visit the Valkurak War Memorial. Novaq and Clarke see them there.
  4. Commander Johnny Storm decides to regain some of his kickboxing success, by traveling to Tokeyo for the World Kickboxing Championship.
  5. The Rukukon enter the Sol System in order to sign a peace treaty with the Federation.
  6. Admiral Novaq is quickly recruited by black ops for an important mission.
  7. Novaq "kidnaps" Storm from the kickboxing tournament, so that he might help with the mission.
  8. Novaq and Storm are taken to the USS St. Leonard, and informed of the Void threat.
  9. Captain Albertine requests that Novaq retrieve Professor Nishichiro Bakuto, a wormhole and void specialist.
  10. Professor Nishichiro makes his first appearance in ST:TI. He is in search of the artifact Orobas.
  11. Novaq recruits his former Liberty crew for the mission.
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